WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi.. Learn about this upgraded version and its features

WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi.. Learn about this upgraded version and its features

WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi is the latest version of the most famous and used application “WhatsApp”, available within the WhatsApp Store applications, which gives you the characteristics and specifications of the original WhatsApp, in addition to some modifications and updates related to the sharing of videos and photos, and the privacy of the personal account, you can download it now if you have a smart phone that supports Android , or it works according to the IOS system, as you can get it by following the following lines and sharing the automatic download link.

The upgraded version of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, gives you all the features and advantages that you get when using the regular WhatsApp, in addition to many new features imposed on you by the latest versions of WhatsApp applications. You can download the new version, available for Android and IOS, through Google Play , or IOS Store, without having to register any of your data or PIN code, you can benefit from the following:

– Keeping logged in to Al-Annabi WhatsApp accounts as long as possible.

Keep the password you used to log in to WhatsApp.

– The new version allows you to maintain a very large database of communication operations via WhatsApp only.

The ability to hide the appearance of the sign indicating that the message has been received and read by users.

The ability to take advantage of the privacy of hiding the user’s status, i.e. “online now” or not.

The possibility of making instant calls and conversations, as well as sending text and voice messages.

Download WhatsApp Omar Annabi

When you download the latest version of Omar Al-Annabi’s WhatsApp, you can benefit from it immediately after downloading it, for a period of up to five months, starting from the date of the version’s release, through:

– Adding the Vpn proxy breaker feature.
It enables you to obtain the properties of the explosive text, which is the ability to send any number of messages at one time that will not exceed a few seconds.

You will receive instant notifications as soon as the conversation and messages reach the phone.

– Enjoy the ability to decorate texts and messages, in addition to the ability to enjoy wonderful animated themes.

The ability to improve the effectiveness of the private case, and not show it to the other user.

– Creates the special status to resemble the user’s status on Instagram.

– The new version of WhatsApp extends its default life as it is an electronic application, which is supposed to be stopped after a period of its release date.

– The ability to enjoy a large number of shapes and emoji with attractive and falling effects.

You can control the application colors and themes for the chat background, the color of notifications, and how you receive them.

Download WhatsApp Omar Annabi 2023

You can learn about the differences between Omar Al-Annabi’s WhatsApp and its similar version, which were in terms of security and user privacy, through the following points:

Hiding the function of the two parties from each other, as well as hiding the writing indicator, indicating that a user is writing a message.

– Hide the mark that indicates that the other user has received the message sent to him, which means a checkmark twice in blue.

You can get a password for locking the application and another for locking the conversation between the two parties, to prevent it from being used by others and children.

You will get a daily update of all WhatsApp links and downloads, in order to get the highest and latest ob3 Whatsapp versions.

The ability to operate WhatsApp from two different numbers on the same mobile, whether from the same network or two different networks.

Possibility to hide the future tab.

The possibility of obtaining deleted messages by reviewing the application settings.


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