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WhatsApp can now be used on up to four computers – even without a mobile phone connection! Here’s how to set up the feature.

So far, WhatsApp users have also been able to use Messenger in their browser and desktop app, but they needed a smartphone connected to the Internet within easy reach. In the future, this will no longer be necessary: ​​With the new multi-device beta, up to four PCs or Macs can be linked to one WhatsApp account – regardless of whether the main device is connected to the Internet or not.

When WhatsApp will make this feature available to everyone is unclear. It could be months. That is why we show you how you can already chat flexibly on your computer.

Join WhatApp beta test

There is one limitation: The chat from the computer to the mobile phone only works if both chat participants are using the latest WhatsApp version on the smartphone. How to join the beta:

Open WhatsApp. Under Android tap on the three dots in the top right corner, on iPhones tap on “Settings”.

► Select “Linked devices”. Then tap on “Multi-Device Beta”.

The beta phase can be left at any time

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Once you have done this, add the devices as follows:

  • Go to “Linked Devices” in the app (see tip above).
  • Tap “Add Device.”
  • Enter http://web.whatsapp.com in the address line of the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) on your PC or Mac.
  • Confirm with “OK” on your smartphone and hold the camera over the QR code that is displayed on the website in the browser.

Complete! You can now chat in the browser without having to have a phone nearby or on.

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For everyone who has already tested the “WhatsApp to the browser” option: Yes, it looks almost identical. With the small difference: Now messages can also be sent and received without a paired phone being nearby.

Even on tablets

A nice side effect: the browser on a tablet can also be included in this way. In other words: It is also possible to use WhatsApp on iPads and Android tablets without your own app.

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Also works on the iPad Pro

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The old browser way

If you want to try this out without joining a beta, the procedure is almost identical:

  • Here, too, go to WhatsApp as described above to “Linked devices” and to “Add device.”
  • Enter http://web.whatsapp.com in the address line of the browser on your PC or Mac.
  • Tap OK on your smartphone and hold the camera over the QR code that is displayed in the browser on the website.
  • Complete!

You can now chat in the browser, but ONLY ON THIS DEVICE and must keep a connection to the mobile phone.

Further tips about WhatsApp can be found in the current Issue 21/2021 of COMPUTERBILD:

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