WHATSAPP SUBSCRIPTION | Whatsapp subscription to Netflix: everything you need to know about the new payment plan

From time to time, the WhatsApp payment hoax returns to the Internet. This time, however, there is little we can do: the super popular green messaging application, owned by Meta -Mark Zuckerberg’s company-, will become a paid application. Some app users will soon be forced to pay a monthly subscription. The news is revolutionary and was discovered by the reliable web portal WABetaInfo.

This is a site specialized in analyzing the source code of applications, especially versions not yet implemented. WABetaInfo would have found evidence of the new function in the hidden program of the next versions of WhatsApp. Soon, millions of users around the world will have to pay a subscription to get a kind of “premium” service. But what exactly is it, and is there reason to worry about unwanted costs?

In reality, the news may affect far fewer people than anticipated. WhatsApp will offer a subscription plan dedicated to business accounts. These users will be able to manage their account in a completely different way. Already having a business account gives you access to a number of additional features. For example, the management of a kind of “online store” integrated into the application itself, to manage orders and customers. In addition, there is the possibility of expanding the multi-device option. Currently, WhatsApp allows you to manage 4 different devices with a single account. With a Business account subscribed to the Premium service, the number of devices increases to 10.

This is a great advantage for companies, which will be able to manage chats with customers from several devices at the same time. Employees, for example, will have no difficulty connecting to their PCs with their company account and managing their files. This would greatly increase the speed of response for businesses that use WhatsApp for customer support, for example. It is true that company accounts are not yet particularly popular in Italy, but the option will be used more and more and there are more advantages. It is not yet known how much the new subscription plan will cost, but when the information is published, there will surely be controversy.


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