When A Shah Rukh Khan Fan Entered Mannat With A Very Weird Reason

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In the words of SRK … ” Once a fan came to his residence Mannath. His wish was to bathe in the pool where he was bathing. He went home, took off his clothes and started bathing in the pool. Security arrived immediately. The matter is reversed. He says his strange need when he tries to dissuade him.

Most interestingly, this fan does not want to see me in person or get an autograph from me. Instead, he just has to take a bath in the pool, says Shah Rukh Khan in an interview. An old interview of Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral on social media. Shah Rukh Khan has many such fans.

SRK is a player who maintains a very close relationship with the fans. Despite the hustle and bustle, the actor finds time to meet the fans and interact with them. Shah Rukh Khan and his family came to the rescue of the people during the lockdown. Their office building was a quarantine center for women and children. Financial assistance was also provided. Like SRK, the star’s family is loved by the audience. The fans stood by them during their bad times.

After a short hiatus, SRK has been active in cinema. Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release is Zero, which was released in 1998. He was taking a break from Bollywood after the failure of the film. Successive failures prompted the actor to retire from Bollywood. He changed his mind after telling his fans. Although not active in film, SRK was active in awards ceremonies and other television shows. Pathan is currently being shot. Shah Rukh Khan will also be seen in Tamil director Attlee’s film. The arrest of his son Aryan Khan took place while Pathan was being shot abroad. Following this, the actor stopped shooting and was returning home. He rejoined the set a month later. The audience is waiting for Shah Rukh’s return.

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Sharukh khan’s daughters Suhana requested him to behave properly | FIlmiBeat Malayalam

November 3 was Shah Rukh Khan’s 56th birthday. The birthday came at a time when controversy was raging over her son’s case. There were no celebrations as usual this time. But fans came to wish SRK a happy birthday. The birthday video of the actor appeared in the background of the song ‘Tuje Dekha To Ye Yeh Jana Sanam’ from the blockbuster film Dilwale Dulhanio Le Jayenge.

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