When Alia Bhatt Opens Up Her Bond With Father Mahesh Bhatt Goes Viral Again | He was not close to his father as a child; Alia Bhatt said that she got together with her father after becoming an actress

‘For me, father coming home is like a celebrity coming home. I didn’t miss him much because he was never there. But after a few years he started spending time with us. Alia says that we used to play board games together. The actress also mentioned that I became closer when I came to the cinema.

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‘My real friendship with my father started after I entered the Bollywood industry. Alia had said that I know how it will be for him too. Alia once said that her father is very different from others. He has never been able to be a normal father who lives for his children or takes them to the movies every Friday.

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He doesn’t say you have to do everything well. He thinks in the opposite way. And he says that my film should fail or else I may have to worry later. In any case, the actress herself shared with her fans the answer that refutes the allegation that Alia came to the cinema on the strength of her father.

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Alia Bhatt, who started her acting career in 2012, rose to the level of worldwide fame in ten years. His father being a film producer may have given him opportunities. But growing up as a leading heroine and acting with celebrities is all because of her own skills.

Alia got pregnant after getting married to Ranbir Kapoor this year. The actress is expecting Kunjathithi to arrive soon.


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