when chefs come home

when chefs come home

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Having a chef at home for an evening, or having a cook come to the house to prepare meals for the week: these practices are becoming more democratic. Several French start-ups have entered the market.

In Paris, members of a family called on two chefs at home. “It completely changes from the restaurant, we are at home, we have all the time”, says a man. The profession of chef at home is increasingly in vogue, with figureheads on social networks. In Paris, the two chefs are fine-tuning the final details of the starter, in an unknown kitchen. They charge 70 euros for the menu per person, including groceries, excluding alcohol. The top-of-the-range service delights the guests.

freedom and benefits

For the chefs, trained by the biggest names in the kitchen, starting out as a chef at home was obvious. “It’s the freedom to do what we want, not having someone above us telling us what to do, not really having schedules”, explains Victor Porcher. The advantages are also financial: they do not invest in premises, and are freed from payroll charges.

There are more and more home cooks. Sihem Kenba thus comes every week to her customers, and prepares the family’s five dinners in two hours. This former salesperson, now self-employed, is paid between 1,500 and 2,000 euros net per month, for around twenty hours of weekly cooking. The customer pays 450 euros per month, half of which is deducted in tax credits.

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