When does the bonus of 20 cents on gasoline end?

When does the bonus of 20 cents on gasoline end?

The Govern central has approved in 2022 a package of anti-crisis measures with the aim of curbing the consequences of the war ofUkraine. One of the measures that have been carried out has been the application of a discount on the price of fuel, in which a bonus of 20 euro cents per liter of fuel is given. theexecutive contributes 15 cents and the gas stations the remaining five.

On Tuesday, December 27, the Government approved the disappearance of this measure after 9 months in force, so it will remain in place until next Saturday, December 31. In the press conference, Pedro Sánchez also announced an anti-crisis shield, the third of the legislature, which presents a positive evolution in the average price of gasoline and diesel, which until this Wednesday, December 28, mark 1.57 euros per liter of gasoline 95 ; 1.74 euros for petrol 98 and 1.65 euros for diesel.

To compensate for the end of the 20 cent aid, the new package of actions aims to temper the economic and social crisis ofSpain. Although this bonus will no longer be active for private consumers, the “directly most affected sectors”, such as farmers, fishermen, transporters and shipping companies, will be able to continue to benefit from this discount.

Even so, Pedro Sánchez has emphasized that families will continue to receive aid to cover basic expenses, which is why the extension of the 30% discounts on urban and interurban transport has been confirmed “in those territories where the regional governments or locals contribute the remaining 20%”.


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