when pharmacy technicians make amoxicillin

when pharmacy technicians make amoxicillin
Manufacture of amoxicillin capsules in a pharmacy in Paris. Paul Delort / Le Figaro/Masterful preparation

INTERVIEW – Sébastien Gallice is the president of the Pref (Pharmacists of the preparatory of France), a learned society which brings together 25 “preparatory”, small pharmaceutical laboratories responsible for manufacturing masterful preparations.

LE FIGARO. – What is a preparatory in pharmacy?

Sébastien GALLICE. – It’s a mini-laboratory in a pharmacy, which manufactures drugs on demand. Any pharmacist has the right to make magistral preparations, but not all of them do so because it requires specific facilities, expensive equipment, procedures to ensure product traceability and safety, avoid contamination, protect our employees, etc. We need approval from the Regional Health Agency to prepare pediatric medicines and handle dangerous products. We also work with university hospital centers which contribute to our discussions on improving our practices, test our products and verify their content and stability. We also need bibliographical references, for example to validate the stability of a syrup: we do not invent drugs, we always work from a proven “recipe”!

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