“When players are missing, we have substitutes”

Photo: Sport 5
“It is a great honor to enter this list.” Natcho (Alan Shiver) | Photo: Sport 5

The Israeli national team will go up tomorrow (Saturday, 21:45) for its big game in the Nations League knowing that a victory over Albania will give Alon Hazan’s team a place in the Euro qualification playoffs from the Nations League. A draw could also leave the blue-whites with a chance, but in such a situation it would depend on Iceland not beating Albania later this week. Tonight (Friday), the team coach Alon Hazan and captain of the team Bibras Natcho They spoke at a press conference ahead of the game.

Bibras Natcho Petah commented on the fact that the stadium will be full tomorrow: “It is very important to us that the stadium is full tomorrow and we really missed it. One of our goals for many years is to bring back the crowd and that was the goal and here we are. Now the job will be more difficult, to keep them with us.”

“It is a great honor to be on the list of great players who have worn the national team’s shirt so many times,” said Natcho who will enter the list of the five players who have made the most appearances for the Israeli national team. “We are missing players, but there are also enough good players and those who are here are good enough to do the job. I hope the players here will do the job properly.”

The captain of the national team addressed the issue of Eran Zahavi: “There is a coach and there is a professional manager, I spoke with Alon several times before this and as soon as he said he had the requirements, then these are the requirements. I know that Eran did not do the things out of ego but out of habits, I hope that maybe in the future he will return The team, however, has someone who determines and decides what will happen. We know that a win tomorrow will guarantee us first place. We have players in good shape, we will arrive with the goal of winning the game. We have great respect for Albania, they are a good team and we have already beaten them there before and lost here. We We are ready and we will do everything to win this game”

“I have full faith in the players.” Cantor (Alan Shiver) | Photo: Sport 5

the coach of the national team Alon Hazan He said: “Both us and Albania have worthy replacements for those who are missing. I have no doubt for a moment that the Albanian national team, with deficiencies, will still be a very strong opponent in front of us. I have full faith in our players. I think that whoever will be in the lineup tomorrow is a player who can take us Towards the long-awaited victory. The players are in good shape and know what is expected of them.

The national coach commented on the goalkeeper’s position: “I have a goalkeeping coach, an assistant coach and Yossi Benyon. We try to make such decisions together and what is beautiful about this team is that we have the ability to convey the messages and make the right decision. I believe that at the end of today’s training, whoever has to stand in goal will know “.

“I am very proud that the stadium will be full,” Hazan was excited: “When we opened the term, our task was to try to get the audience back. A good word is due to the players who made them come, to come the night before Rosh Hashanah, and a very big dream is due to our fans. The very fact that they come It won’t be enough, you need them throughout the game to be a significant factor.”

“I have full faith in the players who are here,” continued the coach. “When one or another player is missing, we have substitutes. The crowd has no substitute. The goal is to play attractive and attacking football, aggressiveness does not scare me. I think that a player’s status in the Israel national team is determined by the player himself. The more you come and persist, not only in the national team but also Around the friends, the team, in all kinds of parameters.”


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