BerlinNow the deterrent is working: Up until now it was different, until now there was always a white note on the door of the local pub announcing the current status of the pandemic: times 3G, now 2G. In the summer there was no note on it. Everyone sat outside and enjoyed the great spectacle of everyday life in Berlin on the sidewalks, the people running, the laughter, the hustle and bustle of the big city that was so refreshing after the month-long lockdown.

Now it’s cold again, now it says 2G on the note on the door. That was not always checked 100 percent. The waiters didn’t want to be policemen and just distributed the slips of paper for a registration address.

But now the debates are boiling up again, individual federal states are closing everything possible. And the penalties are considerable: landlords have to pay up to 5000 euros for violations. At the weekend it was noticeable that the controls in Berlin are now stricter.

A friend who was not vaccinated preferred to cancel the meeting this time. Even a test would not have helped him. So we sat with a beer in the pub and he was alone at home. Otherwise it would have been a very expensive evening.

As soon as the first beer was emptied, the public order office was in the guest room. The two inspectors were friendly, but also very accommodating. On the one hand, they scanned every vaccination certificate, but did not check whether the identity card matched it. And when four young men jumped up from the table very quickly and left the inn, they didn’t care.

Is probably not intended as a serious control, but rather as a deterrent. Word should get around that there are controls.

When the two controllers were gone, the four young men waited outside for a while before coming back again. Fun looks different.

At our next meeting, the note on the door should still read 2G and not 2G plus. The Senate promises. Let’s see. At least there is still a week to go. And a week is very, very long in these excited times.


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