when the foreign media make a fuss of it

when the foreign media make a fuss of it

2023-10-03 19:01:32

“France sounds the alarm as a bedbug epidemic sweeps Paris” : the CNN presenter has a saddened look and a serious voice. No doubt, France is experiencing a tragedy. The psychosis around bedbugs has gone far beyond the borders of France. And, as the Paris Olympic Games approach, some foreign media are causing panic.

16 things to know about bedbugs (to get out of psychosis)

United States, South Africa, Belgium, England… « L’invasion » of the « bed bugs » in France goes around the world. The reassuring words of the Minister of Health, Aurélien Rousseau who, on France-Inter, this Tuesday, October 3, affirmed that there is no “no reason for general panic, we are not invaded by bedbugs”will have difficulty calming things down.

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“This provoked a reaction from the authorities”

Even the very serious British channel BBC has its alarmist post on Instagram. A journalist explains that “It’s not just a problem in Paris. Apparently, it’s all over France.”

In Belgium, the journalist who presents the RTBF newspaper is more measured and analyzes the development of the phenomenon: “Images of bedbugs are spreading on social media. This creates a form of panic, so much so that it provoked a reaction from the authorities. »

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