When the president said “DEAR TARTAR, YOU ARE FREE!” will he say?

When the president said “DEAR TARTAR, YOU ARE FREE!”  will he say?

2023-06-01 06:42:01

The freedom of Abid Gafarov and all of us depends on this saying

It has been 6 years since the Tartar genocide, the spitting, terrible crime(s) that were spread to the nation and the people as “identification of traitors”. The bloody terror and dishonor of the army and law enforcement agencies against the people, soldiers, and officers in the name of law enforcement agencies has not yet been legally assessed. On the contrary, those who covered this crime were punished with imprisonment.
The well-known journalist, writer, chairman of the Baku Unity Organization, Abid Gafarov, was “rewarded” with a one-year prison term for the word “muti” because of his inability to remain indifferent to the Tartar crime. Probably, it will not be forgotten that he reacted with sobs to the dishonor done to our mothers and sisters on the television screen.
On 16.02.2023, the Supreme Court annulled the verdict of the lower instance against Abid Gafarov and sent the case to the Baku Court of Appeal for consideration. The appellate court, acting at the “turtle speed”, finally scheduled a meeting on 25.05.2023 and… on the pretext of the prosecution’s non-appearance (it cannot be called anything other than an excuse, which is why the procedural legislation does not provide for such a “ground”) review on 01.06.2023 postponed until . The “turtle walk” of procrastination! What can we do, we don’t have the right to protest, we don’t have the right to be heard; we do a lot of back and forth, they don’t even look, after 43 days they invent a new crime and a new punishment for a whole year (I remembered the joke about the turtle being sent to the market to buy drinks in the forest. It’s been a long time since the turtle was sent, they start talking about where this villain and etc. The turtle raises its head from the grass that if you curse one more time, I will never leave).
June 1 is International Children’s Day. The greatest gift to Abid Gafarov’s four children is to see their father in freedom. In fact, this trial based on Abid Bey means arresting the judges’ consciences. First of all, consciences should be freed from prison.
Freedom of conscience The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who has the role of guarantor of judicial independence with the Constitution, “COURT, YOU ARE FREE!”, “CONSCIENCE, YOU ARE FREE!” through his words. Then we will see the freedom of Abid Gafarov and other dishonestly imprisoned people.
When did the president say “DEAR TARTAR, YOU ARE FREE!” will say Our eyes are on the road, our ears are on the sound…

Proud Badalsoy

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