When will the 13 Tamils ​​in the Thai detention center return home? Concerned families

  • Parani Taran
  • BBC Tamil

There is a continuous delay in the deportation of 16 Indians, including 13 from Tamil Nadu, who were abducted from Dubai to Myanmar for illegal work and returned to Thailand, from there to India. In this matter, Tamil Nadu First Minister M.K. Stalin has written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What is the current level of rescue operations?

16 Indians, including 13 Tamils ​​recruited for illegal work in Myanmar, escaped from that country and were arrested by the Thai army last July when they entered the border. They were then produced in court by the local police. Since the youths who were caught had tickets and visas for coming to Thailand from Dubai, the Thai police identified them as ‘those who returned illegally from Thailand to the Myanmar border’ and filed a case.

If the foreigners are caught in such a case, the Thai government will collect the appropriate fine from them and then take steps to deport them. These fines can be paid by the ‘caught persons’ with their own money or through lawyers who have the right to represent them in court. Often the recruiting agents pay this amount and try to get them out.

In this situation, the court ordered the Thai Immigration Department to keep the 16 recently arrested Indians in a detention center until arrangements are made as they do not have the cash to pay the fine.


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