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In Great Britain, Sars-CoV-2 infections are on the rise due to the spread of the Delta variant (formerly Indian, now prevalent on the Alpha, or the English) and a study published in Lancet showed that in people vaccinated with Pfizer, especially if stopped at the first dose, the antibody response against the new minor strain. In light of all this, can Italians who have received only one injection go on holiday peacefully, even abroad?
The sharp decline in infections and deaths in Italy should not make us think that we have reached zero risk. Those who go on vacation must respect the safety measures: the basic mask in closed places (starting from the plane) and in all situations in which they cannot keep the distance from people whose state of health is unknown. Those who go to other countries can get information on the Viaggiare Safare website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it). In any case, unlike what happened in Great Britain, where the second doses were postponed for 3 months to favor broad coverage with the first, in Italy it was decided to respect the schedules established by the vaccine manufacturers. In this way the population is more protected, even from the new variants.

Will it be possible to get vaccinated on vacation?
an issue that is being discussed, but it will probably be reserved for those who spend a long period of time away from home. Mass vaccination in holiday resorts would be logistically difficult, as vaccine doses would have to be shifted from one region to another. Consequently, everyone must do everything possible to receive the second injection on time, postponing it for a maximum of a few days.

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Does anyone who has received the second dose for 6 months or longer need to book a booster?
No, there is currently no third dose. The protection offered by the complete vaccination cycle certainly goes beyond 6 months.

Can those recovered from Covid feel safe even away from home?
Yes, as long as you follow the security measures we are used to. The recovered can also receive a single dose of vaccine 3-6 months after the end of the disease: in this way the antibody response is strongly enhanced.

Is the Delta variant present in Italy?
According to the latest data from the Higher Institute of Health, the Delta ex Indian variant (B.1.167.1 and B.1.167.2) stands at 1 per cent, while the Alpha (English) at 88.1 per cent hundred and the Gamma (Brazilian) at 7.3. To date, the most worrying strain, as regards the efficacy of vaccines, seems to be Beta, identified in South Africa and practically absent in Italy. We are unable to predict the evolution of the variants, but the security measures we know are still valid.

(Stefania Salmaso, Italian Association of Epidemiology, former director of the National Center for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion of the Higher Institute of Health collaborated)

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