The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a subsidiary of the magazine The Economist and has just published its index of cities on the planet where people live best. Originally, this ranking was designed to allow companies to establish expatriation bonuses for their employees. Today, 172 cities from five continents are included and are classified according to 30 criteria grouped into four themes: socio-political stability; access to health care; culture and environment; education and infrastructure. For the second year in a row, the EIU has integrated factors related to Covid-19, such as the duration of school and business closures and gauges.

The Top 5:
1- Vienna

2- Copenhagen

3- Zurich

4- Calgary

5- Vancouver

For the third time in five years, the Austrian capital comes first, underlines The Economistwho adds that “five more small European cities are in the top 10 thanks to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions”. Paris and London, which tend to be a bit further down due to transport and security issues, have also moved up a few places for the same reason. Also note that “three Canadian cities made it into the top ten, while New York, Los Angeles and Washington moved up to a better place than last year”.

The flop 5 :

172 – Damas

171 – Lagos

170 – Tripoli

169 – Alger

168 – Karachi

Obviously, explains the British magazine, “for some cities to move up the rankings, others have to fall. All cities in China have fallen in the rankings, and cities in island countries with strong border controls that performed well a year ago are now suffering”. Auckland, for example, lost 33 places due to the peak of omicron variant contaminations in 2021-2022. The war in Ukraine also has consequences: kyiv has disappeared from the ranking, Moscow and Saint Petersburg have lost 15 and 13 places and cities like Budapest and Warsaw have also fallen. According The Economist, “if the war continues throughout this year, more towns could experience disruption in terms of food and fuel supplies.” Some cities that rank well in 2022 could therefore be considered more difficult to live in in 2023.

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