Where has the extravaganza gone?

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He already has striking features, but you will look in vain for real extravagance.
Image: Illustration Helge Jepsen

Extravagance is in Citroën’s genes. Today it doesn’t work as well as it used to, but the new C 4 is not a bad car. Especially with the economical diesel.

IA black Citroën DS from the sixties drives around the town, it is apparently used for everyday life and is evidently well maintained or well restored. The car was way ahead of its time, the neighbor once had one too. It was fun for us children to sink into the sofa and float over the potholes, the neighbors had fun lifting the car with its ingenious hydropneumatics step by step and teaching the children that it could also drive on three wheels if necessary. In the seventies, the father had three Citroën GSs in a row. It was also affordable for school councilors and not only had a suspension with a combination of air and gas and a single-spoke steering wheel like the DS, but also a magnifying glass like the bathroom scales, a brake pedal with no idle travel and an incredibly streamlined shape.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

That and more was unusual, much of it practical. Even today, Citroën tries to stand out from the crowd, which is not easy when the parent company puts the cars on common platforms, and in the compact class is now offering the equally affordable C 4 instead of the funny Cactus. We also look for something unusual in it and find an element that is above all impractical. Because the silly rear spoiler looks from the outside as if it fits in harmoniously with the flowing lines, but from the driver’s point of view it runs as a thick crossbar almost right through the rear window.

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