Where is my cycle requests a European public hearing: their lawyer Me Protat explains the procedure

After being heard in the Senate last April on the adverse effects of anti-Covid vaccination on the cycle of women, the collective ” Where is my cycle? asks the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to organize at European level a public hearing on the acceptability of the risks caused by vaccination against Covid-19 “. Their lawyer, Me Diane Protat, who on September 14 sent a letter to this effect to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, was in our studio to present their legal approach, which calls on the soft law. The objective: as the courts remain deaf following referrals from collectives and associations, to use other weapons of the law in order to make the voices of the victims heard. This request for a public hearing is supported by a petition from the collective, which can be consulted here.

The woman lawyer relies in particular on the progress report submitted on June 9, 2022 by the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPESCT): “ This report indicated that the disorders of the female cycle, taking into account their volume and their temporal appearance in a very short time, could not come under the stress of women, but that it was a very important warning sign that should be taken into account and that the OPESCT was surprised that currently female cycle disorders are not recognized as a proven side effect of vaccination “, she explains in this “Pause”.

However, in a press conference on June 10, the European Medicines Agency indicated that there was not yet an established link between anti-Covid vaccination and menstrual cycle disorders. To verify this, EMA employees asked that pharmaceutical companies be questioned about this phenomenon. A request that remains a dead letter to this day. Also, faced with this lack of response and in view of the need to shed light on this major subject, under European regulations, the Collective calls for the organization by the competent authorities (the EMA and the PRAC) of a public hearing at EU level to confront the points of view of European authorities, pharmaceutical companies and the public.

As Me Protat reminds us, based on the rules of procedure relating to the organization and conduct of public hearings organized by the committee for the evaluation of risks in terms of pharmacovigilance (PRAC), ” the main objective of a public hearing is to obtain the public’s point of view on the acceptability of the risks associated with the medicinal product/medicinal substance/class of medicinal products concerned, in particular with regard to its therapeutic effects and available therapeutic alternatives, as well as obtaining suggestions and recommendations on the feasibility and acceptability of risk management and minimization activities. […] The Marketing Authorization Holder(s) has (have) the opportunity to present his/her views to the participants of the public hearing. »

“As pharmaceutical companies do not respond to the EMA, we hope that they will finally respond to women”concludes the lawyer.

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