Where will the evil come from: the cyber threat map of 2023 [פודקאסט] – Techtime

Where will the evil come from: the cyber threat map of 2023 [פודקאסט] – Techtime

January 30, 2023

Program #54 on the Techtime podcast, with Gabi Rish from the cyber intelligence company Cybersixgill, on the effects of the geopolitical and economic situation on cyber threats and how to formulate a targeted defense strategy

Moderator: Yohai Schweiger
Editor: Roni Lifshitz
Opening melody: Nir Sade

The guest on the program is Gabi Rish, VP of Products and Business Development of the cyber intelligence company Cybersixgill.

The year 2022 was particularly stormy in the cyber arena. In the inter-state and inter-power arena, we have seen how cyber is becoming a significant war tool in the war in Ukraine and the ongoing campaign between Israel and Iran, and in the civilian arena we have seen very extensive activity of cyber attacks against hospitals, manufacturing plants, financial entities and business companies of almost every field and of every size.

CybersixGil is one of the world’s leaders in the field of cyber intelligence. The company uses AI and machine learning based tools to collect and analyze huge amounts of information about cyber attackers, their methods of operation and even planned attacks.

Once a year the company publishes a report on the cyber threat map for the coming year. The report for 2023, published not long ago, highlights the impact of the geopolitical and economic situation on the cyber arena.

In the conversation, Gabi talks about the main threats to 2023, how intelligence helps us formulate more targeted and effective defense strategies, as well as what use cyber attackers make of artificial intelligence today.

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