Which motorists are officially registered for the new Formula 1 of 2026?

Which motorists are officially registered for the new Formula 1 of 2026?

Formula 1 is going to change in 2026. It will change considerably. After a time when three bikers supplied ten teams on the World Cup grid, Honda came as the fourth in contention to clearly demonstrate how difficult it was to be the ‘rookie’. They won the World Cup, but it took them seven years do it in pilots and eight in constructors.

But everything will change in a few years. It will do so because of the four that are currently registered as engine suppliers we are going to have six. Why there are six that the FIA ​​has officially confirmed They have applied to be in the World Cup.

Six that, yes, could be more, because Porsche y Cadillac They are studying how to be part of a championship that more and more brands see as more attractive.

The most mythical name in F1 is obviously one of the motorcyclists who will be there in 2026. Those from Maranello have themselves as teams, logically, and also to Haas. They will lose, yes, to Alfa Romeo for 2026.

They have not won the Drivers’ World Championship since 2007 thanks to Raikkonen and the McLaren team, and in terms of manufacturers, their last win was in 2008 with Kimi and Massa in the team. Felipe lost the title in that fateful, and unforgettable, last lap of the Brazilian GP.

The Mercedes team has earned respect when it comes to power units. Since the hybrid era, which entered in 2014, They have won all the World Cups except one in constructors, and in pilots the same except for those of 2021 and 2022.

They motorize, in addition to their equipment, Aston Martin, a McLaren y a Williams… but they have already warned that if the costs increase one could be left without its power unit.

The French want to win the World Cup, but at the moment they are the only motorcyclist who does not have client teams. That can be an advantage… and also the opposite.