Which outfits are allowed in the office – and which are not

Which outfits are allowed in the office – and which are not

discontinued models? Since the pandemic and working from home, office fashion has become increasingly casual.
Image: Lucas Bäuml

Chinos instead of suit trousers, sneakers instead of shoes: style consultants Sonja Garrison and Dietrich Hildebrand explain how dress codes have changed since the pandemic.

For more than 17 years, Sonja Garrison has been advising women in management positions and the self-employed in Königstein near Frankfurt, as well as women returning to work after parental leave.

Dietrich Hildebrand is an image consultant in Frankfurt at Schmidt-Hildebrand Imageconsulting and works with the self-employed, company bosses and entrepreneurs. He teaches collection creation and fashion graphics at the universities of Pforzheim and Berlin.

What is your impression, have the dress codes in the offices changed?

Garrison: Even before the pandemic, dress codes were loosening. Away from the formal, uniformed and impersonal towards more individuality. It has become more colorful for women, for men ties are now a must in very few sectors. A business look today should be professional and modern, and for many, the tie literally has a restrictive effect.


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