Whirlpool, procession of workers at Mise: “Government acts or is complicit. Enough chatter, for now we only have letters of dismissal”

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No more gossip from the government. For now we only have in hand a letter of dismissal and no certainty about our future. Tell us when and how this Sustainable Mobility Consortium will start and when we will be hired ”. On the day of the thirtieth meeting on the Whirlpool dispute, for i workers of Naples “The time is now up”.
“They are exasperated why this dispute has been going on for two years. We have arrived within days of a crucial date, after the letters of dismissal arrived. There is no more time to waste, but still we have no answers from the executiveHe claimed as well Francesca Re David, FIOM CGIL general secretary, present at the procession with the workers, who arrived from the Campania capital to Rome. And directed under the headquarters of the Ministry of Economic Development, for the new summit. A table that began at Mise, beyond the demands of the trade unions, without the delegation of ministers, with Andrea Orlando (Labor) and Giancarlo Giorgetti (Economic development) absent because they are involved in the Council of Ministers.

“We don’t even want to consider the idea of Varese, we ask for work in the South, in Naples. And it would not be a transfer, but a new hiring after dismissal, with loss of rights “, underlined the workers in the march, contesting what they define as a” blackmail of the company “, or the deadline of November 30 on the proposal to accept or not, the good exit proposed by the company or the new recruitment about 900 kilometers away, at the Cassinetta site. “The company just wants to find a way to avoid possible disputes”, there are those who attack among the workers.

“The government must give us certainties, it is the only one that must and can protect us. Instead, it is unable to put a stop to multinationals and relocations. This is a battle for our territory. But if the executive does not act, it is complicit ”, is the re-launched appeal. Otherwise, the promise is one mobilization to the bitter end: “Without answers this time – they claim – we are not leaving Rome”.

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