Whirlpool workers demonstrate in the central station in Naples

About 150 Whirlpool workers demonstrated this morning at Naples Central Station, occupying the high-speed tracks of the station. At the center of the protest the dismissals announced by the multinational.
“We can only apologize for the inconveniences but for the workers of Whirlpool Napoli we cannot accept the multinational’s arrogance to resort to collective redundancies after two years of struggle” explained Giovanni Sgambati, general secretary of Uil Campania. “We will do everything possible to counter this decision the city of Naples and the South do not deserve”

After about an hour the workers have cleared the high-speed line, moving under a shelter and continue the protest singing in chorus ‘Bella ciao’.

The demonstration with choirs, slogans and banners at the central station of Naples ended around 12 with the workers who left the garrison. We demonstrated why “the future must be guaranteed – said Vincenzo Accurso, of the Whirlpool RSU”. Now “we are returning to the factory” he concluded.



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