Who are the voices in Latin Spanish?

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By: Samuel M | 03-31-23

We are a few days away from the premiere of Super Mario Brosthe film based on the iconic franchise of Nintendowhich will have Illumination (Minions) in charge of giving life to the Mario universe, and other characters that have given more than one joy to millions of gamers.

The expectations are very high, considering that with each advance that has been published, it shows that they are putting all the love into perfectly portraying the ‘Mushroom Kingdom‘ among other scenarios, as well as characteristic elements of video games.

Of course, one of the aspects that attracts the most attention is knowing who will be in charge of the voices in the film, speaking specifically of the actors who participate in the Latin American dubbing. We already have its original actors clear, but it was still a mystery of the interpreters in our language.

Everything indicates that we will have very interesting news, since Nintendo and Illumination would have chosen to call professional actors to participate in the film. We say this because the creators of the Minions were well known for requesting star-talents for your dubbing.

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Who will be the voices in Latin Spanish in Super Mario Bros?

It seems that the voices that we have been hearing in the trailers will be the ones chosen for the final product. It often happens in several movies that the voices we hear in advances are not the same when they hit theaters.

If all goes well, these are the confirmed actors:

  • Raul Anaya – Mario.
  • Roberto Salguero – Luigi.
  • Ale Pilar – Princesa Peach.
  • Hector Estrada – Bowser.
  • Miguel Angel Ruiz – Toad.
  • Mark Pokora – Donkey Kong.
  • Germán Fabregat – Cranky Kong.
  • Roberto Carrillo – Kamek.
  • Mauricio Perez – King Penguin.
  • Rodrigo Luna – Yellow Toad.
  • Victoria Cespedes – Flash

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