Who is afraid of chaos? In the face of uncertainty, between physics and psychology

The pandemic has increased people’s perception of uncertainty. The uncertain and unpredictable trend of the virus has put the programming category in crisis and all human beings are learning to live without planning too much the stages of their lives.

All this has evident psychological implications that are still largely unexplored. There is much talk of data on infections but perhaps the impact that these psychological dynamics can have on the future of people and societies is not sufficiently taken into account.

The House of Psychology of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy (OPL) offers the opportunity to question oneself on these aspects and to listen to the precious contributions of some scholars, teachers and experts on the subject.

<Who is afraid of chaos? In the face of uncertainty, between quantum physics and psychology> is the title of a webinar open to all and scheduled for Monday 22 February from 9 pm to 11 pm on the platform GoToWebinar.

human experiences are the most unpredictable in the world. A single person can find himself, at any time, in a situation beyond his imagination, sometimes with Kafkaesque situations that can activate very strong emotions and reactions>.


Alessandro Antonietti Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan

Andrea Marcolongo Writer

Francesco Tombesi Associate Professor of Astrophysics, University of Tor Vergata, Rome

They moderate the meeting

Francesco Pagnini psychologist and psychotherapist, member of the Scientific Committee of the House of Psychology

Davide Baventore Vice President OPL


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