Who is Antonella Granata, the first female president of a Coni federation

Time.news – She is married, has two children aged 24 and 20 and is engaged as a labor consultant in the construction field. A normal life. Or maybe not. Because maybe he wasn’t expecting it, but since 13 March she is the president of the FIGS, the Italian Squash Federation. The elective assembly took place in Riccione and crowned her as the first woman to lead one of the 44 Coni federations. Only once had there been an election that had seen a woman win, but then it was invalidated. And so the record is all of Antonella Granata, 50 years old from Cosenza who approached squash by chance.

“I live in Rende and it is for my daughter’s passion that I entered this world, – Antonella tells Time.news – because she started attending squash courses at the Scorpion sports center, for a school project. I accompanied her. , like mom. In the end I also followed the training, but I don’t play, I watch them play! “. “Only a few times did I take the racket in my hand, out of curiosity, – says Antonella, smiling – but it’s too dynamic a sport, you need a good workout!”. Antonella, however, got involved in the Asd SquashScorpion association, became regional delegate and then national councilor.

“So I started to experience sport from the inside – she tells us – up to being a candidate for the presidency. Unfortunately, in Calabria there is only one sports club that practices this sport, the main problem is the facilities – specifies Antonella Granata – and today there are only the 5 fields of Rende “.

But luckily the passion spreads and sportsmen also arrive from afar to be able to play. Throughout Italy there are almost 9000 members, present in every region, especially in the north. Now the new president has specific plans, both for Calabria and for all of Italy.

“Now we must above all recover the grassroots movement, throughout Italy, – explains Antonella – because unfortunately the long stop due to the pandemic threatens to disperse the forces, to remove many young people from sport. Then, having overcome the criticality of the moment, we have plans to increase the federal plant, which will finally allow us to promote this sport in a widespread manner, even in Calabria “.

Squash includes, like any sport, national championships for each category, men’s and women’s absolute, youth championships and also for veterans, both individual and team. In 2019 the Asd SquashScorpion was also the absolute team champion of Italy and also graduated an Italian champion. “Mine is certainly a great responsibility but I wanted to accept – concludes Antonella Granata – because I believe it can be a really nice opening for the female sports management world”.



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