Who is really Pierre-Henri Dumont, the slinger of the right

Who is really Pierre-Henri Dumont, the slinger of the right

A provocative end

“If I am kicked out because I have not respected such and such an instruction, I will bear the consequences. » On March 20, just after having voted the motion of censure against the government, Pierre-Henri Dumont chained the direct to defend his position and that of eighteen other deputies of the party Les Républicains (LR). At 35, the elected official from Pas-de-Calais is, with his friend Aurélien Pradié, the other figure of these slingers on the pension reform. These two are determined to shake up what Aurélien Pradié once qualified “Ehpad LR”. Pierre-Henri Dumont is not outdone in terms of provocation. At the end of January, he tabled an amendment to abolish the special regime for senators. The amendment is inadmissible, but the majority senatorial right strangles itself and gives it « sale gosse ».

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A precocious in politics

Mayor of Marck at 26, deputy at 29, the native of Grande-Synthe (North) fell into the pot when he was little. At the age of 7, he accompanied his parents, RPR activists, to meetings and proudly wore a “Les Jeunes avec Chirac” T-shirt. The rest looks like a classic but accelerated course: Science Po Paris, an internship in Washington in the cabinet of Democratic Representative Carolyn McCarthy and years of activism. At the end of 2009, the lipdub (clip sung in playback) of the “young pop” of the UMP went viral. Pierre-Henri Dumont is one of those who “want to change the world”. We see him in a T-shirt (but without glasses) in a TGV car. “We were able to change the lives of people in our territories. But have we succeeded in changing the world? I do not believe “, he confided, lucid, to the Figaro ten years later.

An LR survivor on RN land

Dissolution ? Not even afraid. Tombeur in 2017 of Philippe Olivier, the brother-in-law of Marine Le Pen, re-elected in 2022 with 55.83% of the votes, Pierre-Henri Dumont embodies these LR deputies on the front line facing the rise of the National Rally (RN). He defends a social right, more statist than liberal, to “talk to the people”. Starting with the strict control of immigration, a subject dear to his heart. In 2019, he plays the uninhibited right, saying he is in favor of “targeted kills” of French who fought on the side of the jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

A very football MP

When Aurélien Pradié is stripped of his position as number two of LR, on February 18, Pierre-Henri Dumont publishes a photo of his permanence of the day… in a bar in Calais, with this message: “Far from the Parisian cenacles and small combinations, here, common sense prevails. » In 2017, the MP is already breaking new ground in terms of tenure by inviting his young voters to challenge him to FIFA, the famous console football game, “a slightly less techno way of talking to them about politics”. The chosen one also likes to put on crampons. Co-captain of the Assembly team, he steps up when “rebellious” and socialists refuse to play with RN deputies. “It’s not because you make a pass to a guy from the far right or the far left that you become one. »

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