Who is that voice? Mullai’s Harvey – Vanakkam London

From somewhere
An anthemic sound
is playing

A swarm of beetles
A more wonderful raga than

Grass in the blue sky
The voice of Vaana Padi.

Innisai sings in the morning
Goo Quill too

Of a red cockerel that rescues a feather
Exceeding sin

All rhythms combined
As the core of the vowel sequence

The notes of the veenas will fade away
Like pollen song,

Knuckle Colony is also of Muthu Satangai
above the noise,

The ear-catching temple bell
Even the sound is consonant
to forget,

Oh…… Silence!!!

Alas, the same sound again!!!!!!

flow down through the magazine,
Forgetting to sip a drop of honey
Enjoying the same song
Oh honey!!!

Again a silence

Who is that voice?
Where did you ask????

Nothing else
of my backyard
Jasmine plant
It’s a pollen song!!!!

Mulla’s Harvey


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