Who is the next Big Boss presenter … Here is the answer to the question … Kamal Haasan infected with Covid

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The popular Bigg Boss show in Hindi started broadcasting in Tamil in 2017. The 5th season of the show, which is airing on Vijay TV, is currently airing. Like the last 4 seasons, this season is being hosted by actor Kamal Haasan.

Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan, who recently returned to the US, has contracted a corona infection. He has thus isolated himself in the hospital. This has led to speculation as to who will host this week’s Big Boss show.

Nagarjuna, who hosted Bigg Boss Telugu last year, hosted the show while his daughter-in-law Samantha went abroad for filming. It is also rumored that his eldest daughter Shruti Hassan will be hosting the Bigg Boss show in response to Kamal.

At the same time, it was rumored that Ramya Krishnan, who was the moderator of the Bigg Boss duo show, or Surya, who had already hosted the show ‘You too can win a crore’ on Vijay TV, would have the opportunity to host the Bigg Boss show.

But a statement from the hospital management said that Kamal Haasan was in stable condition. So it is expected that he will host the Big Boss show as he was in the hospital.

The answer to this question will be revealed in the first promo to be released tomorrow.

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