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Over the past week, almost 3.6 million people in the world have become infected with coronavirus infection, more than 51 thousand patients have died. The number of new infections, as well as the number of deaths, increased by 6% compared to the previous seven days.

Such data was released on Tuesday by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is noted that almost 67% of new cases of infection occur in Europe, where the increase in incidence was 11%. At the same time, over the past week, a decrease in the number of cases was noted in Southeast Asia (by 11%), the Eastern Mediterranean (by 9%) and Africa (by 4%), writes TASS.

An increase in mortality was recorded in the Western Pacific region (29%), in America (19%) and Europe (3%). A decrease in the number of deaths was noted in Africa (30%), Southeast Asia (19%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (4%).

According to the WHO, the “delta” strain continues to dominate the world. Over the past 60 days, it has been detected in 99.8% of samples.

Meanwhile, experts associate the new increase in the incidence of COVID-19 not only with the insufficient level of vaccination, but also with the weakening of the use of barrier protection: masks often do not cover their nose, people forget about social distance and do not disinfect their hands when returning from public places. But recent studies have once again confirmed the need for barrier protection, writes Bloomberg. Wearing a mask conscientiously, like washing hands, more than halves the risk of contracting coronavirus, according to a review of eight studies published in the British Medical Journal. And physical distancing reduces the risk by a quarter.

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