WHO sees no cause for alarm over new coronavirus in South Africa

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Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are still collecting information about a new strain of coronavirus found in the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) and see no reason for alarm. This was stated by the technical director of the WHO on the problem of COVID-19 Maria Van Kerkhove, writes Interfax.

“We have no cause for alarm right now, but we have yet to define what this all means,” she said. According to Van Kerkhove, at the moment the WHO “knows little about this strain.” “We know that he mutates a lot. We are afraid that this may affect how the virus behaves, “she said, adding that soon WHO experts will hold a meeting to discuss this version of the coronavirus.

On November 24, the Daily Mail reported that British scientists have identified a new strain of coronavirus that may be the most infectious of all currently known. At the moment, the strain has been found in three countries around the world. It is believed that he originated in Botswana and may be called “nude”. The strain contains 32 mutations, is highly transmissible and potentially resistant to vaccines. According to a geneticist at University College London, Professor François Balloux, this variant of the virus could first appear in a patient with a weakened immune system and undiagnosed AIDS.


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