Who will gain the support of the population in the conflict between childcare centers?

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Without taking a position, Régine Laurent wondered about the union’s intentions and strategies to obtain an indefinite general strike mandate.

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According to her, several parents who were initially behind the early childhood educators are starting to run out of steam.

“The question I ask myself is, will the union maintain the support of parents because this is extremely important because when you go on strike you are better off keeping the support of those you need? throughout the strike, ”says the former nurse.

By the way, a little earlier on the program Le Bilan, the president of the FIPEQ, Valérie Grenon mentioned that the government’s offer was 2%.

Recall that the union had rejected an increase that brought the salary of the last step to 30 dollars per hour for educators who work 40 hours per week.

However, the former president of the Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation argues that the union had even obtained a huge gain by extending this offer to more workers.

“I learned this afternoon that an offer was tabled at the negotiating table that the government was prepared to give 30 dollars an hour to those who do 32, 35 and 40 hours,” said she.

One thing is certain according to Régine Laurent, is that going on strike is not an easy task.

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“When I hear about a strike, you can’t imagine how my stomach hurts because I know what it is, I participated in two strikes. One as an activist and the other as a member of the executive of the FIQ and I know that when you start a strike, you put the weight on your shoulders to see how you will land, ”emphasizes Ms. Laurent.


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