Why a teacher detonated eight pipe bombs in Berlin

BerlinOn the night of January 20th of this year, around 1 a.m., a loud bang shook Fritz-Reuter-Strasse in Schöneberg. A pipe bomb attached to a traffic sign had been detonated remotely and detonated. She shredded the foot of a no-stopping sign. Hard rubber parts weighing up to three kilograms sometimes flew 80 meters and injured a resident smoking in front of the front door on the thigh. Window panes burst. A ten-year-old boy, who had slept on a loft bed in a room facing the street, woke up to the splinters falling on the bed. He was unharmed. A blind had prevented worse. Seven parked vehicles were damaged.

It’s not the only explosive device that Gregor D. detonated. The man was responsible for a total of eight pipe bombs, most of which detonated between December 2020 and February 2021 in the backyard of his house. Since Tuesday he has had to answer before the 15th major criminal chamber of the Berlin district court. The prosecution accuses him of causing an explosive atmosphere, causing dangerous physical harm and preparing an explosion crime. Gregor D. confessed to the deeds, and right at the beginning of the hearing he stated that he was shocked about his actions and that he asked “a sincere apology”. The deeds are alien to him.



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