Why are countries racing to travel to the moon in 2023.. What is the goal and what is there?

Why are countries racing to travel to the moon in 2023.. What is the goal and what is there?

The moon will be one of the most popular destinations in the solar system in the year 2023.. There are no less than 7 missions heading there, most notably from India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States, along with many other companies.

NASA’s $93 billion Artemis program may grab most of the spotlight with its first launch this year because it is the first step toward sending astronauts to the moon. Scientists say it could usher in a new golden age for lunar exploration, according to the journal nature Scientific.

missions to the moon in 2023

India plans to launch a mission Chandrayaan To the Moon in June 2023, using a lander and a robotic vehicle to explore the surface.. Russia also plans to launch the Luna 25 mission in July 2023, by placing a probe on the Moon to collect samples from its Antarctic region.

SpaceX also plans to carry Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and 8 other passengers on a trip around the moon in late 2023. This will be the first mission of its spacecraft, which is capable of carrying 100 people.

The US space agency NASA is preparing to launch its next mission to the moon in 2024, called Artemis 2, which will take astronauts in orbit around the moon.

The US agency is scheduled to launch the Artemis 3 mission in 2025 or 2026, in which the first woman and first black person will land on the moon.

This will be the first time people have walked on the moon since NASA’s last Apollo mission in 1972.

NASA said it will use NASA’s Starship Space Xaccording to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

What is the point of going to the moon?

Some of the national space agencies that run these missions provide scant details about the missions and when they will launch, with schedules changing frequently.

When these missions are launched, they aim to provide streams of data about the moon, of which only a small part has been explored.

Scientists show that this flurry of activity is likely to spur more frequent and cheaper access to the moon and increase international interest in lunar research. It could also lay the foundation for manned lunar outposts, which could provide a springboard for travel to Mars. nature.

“There are a lot of unresolved questions that could be addressed by a combination of different robotic and human capabilities,” says James Head, a planetary geologist at Brown University in Providence who was involved in training NASA’s Apollo astronauts in the 1970s.

How can you benefit from traveling to the moon?

The goal of space powers, such as the United States, Russia and China, is to establish bases on the moon for astronauts to live in.

And Dr. McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics in the United States, says toBBC It is planned to “use the moon as a launching pad for other places like Mars…it’s a great place to test deep space technologies.”

It takes less fuel to launch a spacecraft from the Moon than it does from Earth to travel into deep space, says Dr. Lucinda King, Space Project Manager at the University of Portsmouth, adding that a fuel source has been discovered on the Moon.

Scientists point out that there is known to be water at the moon’s south pole, so this can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be used to refuel vehicles for trips to Mars and elsewhere.


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