Why are many couples getting divorced lately? • Rabbi Avner Quass in a fascinating interview..

Why are many couples getting divorced lately?  • Rabbi Avner Quass in a fascinating interview..

Rabbi Avner Kvas next to Zalman Tov (Photography: Dodi Flug • Producer: Itzik Ohana)

This week he is hosted by the artist in the program that makes a difference Zalman is goodthe new lecturer and chairman of Beitino, Rabbi Avner Kwas In a decades-long journey to the world of marriage and education, to the form of submission and why everyone should learn how to live in a relationship and how to raise children.

The journey following the relationship and the family begins already in 1996 when Kvas was in his twenties. According to him, this is the main issue of our generation, the Aikbata Damascus generation. The lectures included all audiences, from young people to old people’s homes where he was called – ‘the young rabbi’.

In recent years, the number of divorcing couples has risen to twelve thousand couples, and the number continues to climb, with the children being the main victims in the story. “What is the fault of the child whose parents did not study marriage guidance”, says Kawas, “most of the fights between the couple are the result of a lack of understanding what is the head of the man and what is the head of the woman.”

Even today, in the age of feminism, Quas says that the basics have not changed, a woman is more emotional and the man is intellectual. The world of marriage is learned from the Torah, and this never changes. But the great wisdom is to take both sides – help against him, against him but still help, and use them to build a house, this is also the slogan he uses – “There is no bad man or bad woman, there is an unguided person.

Quas delivers the lectures in a way that seems impossible otherwise. The topics are difficult topics, but using the techniques of humor, similes and loving people as they are allows people to swallow the medicine before noticing that they are actually the subject of the lecture.

What about therapists who do not know how to treat, abuse the therapeutic power? Quas explains that when there is a problem that is not within the therapist’s scope of action, the patient is first sent to treatment for addictions, nerves, etc., and only then returns to continue the couples therapy.

In the talk show “The Differentiator”, creators, artists, cultural figures and various figures from around the world are guests every week, who will talk about different points of light they have met during their lives. The program is presented by the artist and creator Zalman Tov, with an introduction of Havdalah in the style of Karlibach, and a short idea from the episode.

Have a good week and a healthy winter, to you and to all the people of Israel!!

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