“Why are we late?” – Arvind Kejriwal questions PM over Omigron!

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The Omigron Corona, found in South Africa, has terrorized the world. In order to prevent the spread of this Omigron Corona to their countries, which have spread to almost 13 international countries, the governments of various countries have imposed strict restrictions on travelers to their country.

Countries including Japan and Israel have banned foreigners from entering their country. In this context, Arvind Kejriwal had recently requested Prime Minister Modi on his Twitter page to stop flights to India from countries where Omigron is spread.

He subsequently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi, urging him to suspend flights to India from countries where Omigron is spread. In this context, today (30.11.2021) Arvind Kejriwal asked Prime Minister Modi why we are delaying the stoppage of flights.

In this regard, he said on his Twitter page, “Many countries have stopped flights from countries affected by Omigran. Why are we delaying? Even during the first wave, we were late in stopping foreign flights. Most of the foreign flights came to Delhi. Delhi was very affected. Please stop flights immediately, Prime Minister.”

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