Why Auténticos de Cía. Palladio Arte fails to be a wonderful work – | ACHTUNG!

Why Auténticos de Cía.  Palladio Arte fails to be a wonderful work – |  ACHTUNG!

2023-09-25 18:50:57

Before embarking on any scenic creation, you must know how to guide the answers to the questions: What do you want to do? Why do you want that? How to do that? And if they are not addressed in that order, this will trigger a series of inconsistencies and contradictions throughout the editing process, and of course, in their corresponding representation in front of an audience.

I bring it up with this work by this Castilian-Leonese company, since I have identified that the dramaturgy, the selection of texts and the waste of the scenery played against a work that could have been wonderful. That is: First of all, the synopsis of this piece is so open that in Authentic almost anything fit. What’s more, this piece (with some exceptions) basically consists of a succession of monologues, in which it is not clear why texts by famous authors of universal literature were chosen to express what they wanted to express, and the why in that order. Something that was even more degraded by the fact that the links from scene to scene were very similar, and no less important, it sometimes slowed down the good interpretive rhythm that most of the monologues had.

Photo: Raquel Álvarez

I sincerely wonder why the members of Cía. Palladio Arte did not choose to select monologues that would be more suited to the characteristics of their actors. And if that was confusing enough, they were dressed in costumes that more or less represented a series of archetypes of the current times, such as: the punk, the hippie, etc…. Imagine an actor performing a poem by Federica García Lorca starting from this base, and then another actor steps forward emitting a text by Shakespeare or Mario Benedetti…

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The curious thing is that all of their actors (from their particularities and abilities) interpreted their lines with truth, stage presence and charisma: we, the audience, were captivated by whatever they did. And that’s when I realized that They would have “caught” me in the same way singing “the chicks say”, or doing whatever. To this we must add that its staging was very interesting (a series of frames and other wooden structures were arranged architecturally in the background of the stage). However, they lacked the insight to take advantage of these objects to build spaces that would enhance and set the scene for the interpretation of their actors’ monologues. Providing greater dynamism and “fantasy” (if I may use the expression) to each of the scenes and the links that took us from one to another. In this the Atalaya company are masters.

Photo: Raquel Álvarez

If the members of Cía. Palladio Arte sought to vindicate and dignify “diverse profiles” in the midst of a society that has the tendency to delimit spectrums in which, as soon as one leaves its coordinates, one will end up being dehumanized, and then be made invisible and isolated, and of this even aggravate, attacked and humiliated… So, what watch and talk to its wonderful actors, and sooner rather than later, they will identify with what will give rise to a creation in which its content is adapted to a message that is irreplaceable and at the same time forceful. Or do you think that such a purpose is not worth it?

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