Why did I kill Trichy SSI Bhuminathan? | Goat thief gives statement about how he murdered SSI Bhoominathan?

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Published: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 23:26 [IST]

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Chennai: Arrested Thanjai Manikandan has given a confession regarding how SSI Bhuminathan was killed by Trichy novelist.

Bhuminathan, a special assistant inspector at the Nawalpattu police station near Thiruverumbur in Trincomalee district, had been on night patrol for the past two days. When they tried to stop the two-wheeler that came with the sheep that were passing by then they went fast without stopping.

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Thus Bhuminathan and the other guards, realizing that they were a sheep-stealing gang, chased them down a separate path.

Mookambika College

Mookambika College

Bhuminathan then rounded up the two as they approached the valley at the Kalamavoor railway gate near Mookambika College on the Trichy-Pudukkottai main road. Upon learning of this, the occupant of another vehicle arrived at the scene and asked the two to leave.



But Bhuminathan did not release him. This enraged them and they killed Bhuminathan with a scythe and escaped. Following this, 4 special forces were formed and arrested 3 persons including two boys while searching for the culprits. It was revealed that the arrested youth was Manikandan and he belonged to the Tanjore District Cemetery.



I thought of escaping from SSI Bhuminathan for fear that my mother would be embarrassed if she found out and would arrest us if other police came. I then gestured to both boys to use the opportunity he was talking on the phone to hit him with a stone. Like that they also attacked with stones.

Scythe cut

Scythe cut

I stumbled and fell to the ground and cut Bhuminathan’s head with a scythe in three places. He subsequently died in a pool of blood. Then I snatched the cellphone and walkie-talkie from him and threw them in the puddle there. This is why I thought I would not get caught by the police. But Manikandan testified that the police came to the fort house and arrested me after Bhuminathan spoke to my mother.

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Accused gives statement about how he murdered SSI Bhoominathan?

Story first published: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 23:26 [IST]

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