Why did Rishi Sunak lose the race for British Prime Minister? | why did rishi sunak lose the race for british prime minister

Why did Rishi Sunak lose the race for British Prime Minister?  |  why did rishi sunak lose the race for british prime minister

Liz Truss has been chosen as the new Prime Minister of Britain. Indian-origin Rishi Sunaku lost his chance to become Prime Minister as he did not get a majority. Rishi Sunak was in the lead right from the start. Rishi received the most votes in the 5th round of elections where Conservative MPs voted. But the party members who participated in the final election voted in favor of Lis Truss. Due to this, Rishi Sunak has accepted defeat.

Various reasons are given for his failure. Rishi’s wife Aksita has more assets than British Queen Elizabeth. She is the daughter of India’s Infosys CEO Narayana Murthy and does not hold British citizenship. It was also alleged that taxes were not properly paid to the government.

Born and raised in Britain, Rishi Sunak is an American citizen. Dual citizenship is normal in Britain. However, people do not want the Prime Minister who is supposed to lead the country to have dual citizenship. Besides, most of the Conservative Party is white supremacy. Political observers have said that Rishi has embraced Sunaktolvi due to these reasons.

Why internal party elections? – In the last 2019 parliamentary elections in Britain, there was a fierce competition between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. The Conservative Party won and formed the government. The leader of that party, Boris Johnson, was sworn in as Prime Minister. Ministers raised the war flag against the Prime Minister after three years in power. Senior ministers resigned successively. Boris Johnson has announced his resignation as Prime Minister amid strong opposition. Following this, internal party elections were held to choose a new Prime Minister.

What is the voting percentage? – According to Conservative Party rules, candidates with the support of 20 MPs can compete for the post of Prime Minister. According to this, 11 people contested for the post of Prime Minister. 3 of them withdrew from the competition at the last moment. 8 people were in the field. Conservative MPs voted in five rounds of internal party elections. Those with the fewest votes were eliminated successively in each round.

Ultimately, there was a bitter rivalry between Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. The Conservatives voted in the final election. The results were announced yesterday at 5 pm. Liz Truss won with 57.4 percent of the vote. Rishi Sunaku got 42.6 percent votes. Liz Truss, who received the most votes, was chosen as the new Prime Minister of Britain. He will be officially sworn in today. He will be sworn in by Queen Elizabeth.

Female of Tamil Nadu origin: Preeti Patel from Gujarat served as Home Secretary in the Boris Johnson government. Suella Braverman, who is of Tamil Nadu descent, will take over as Home Minister in Liz Truss’s cabinet, which is set to take office as the new Prime Minister. His mother, Uma, belonged to a Tamil Hindu family in Mauritius. Father Christy Fernandes hails from Goa, India. Suella Braverman is the only Indian-origin leader who is likely to make it to the cabinet.


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