Why did the docu about Alanis Maurice annoy her?

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26 years after the climax of her life, Alanis Morissette returned to public discourse thanks to a film in which she stars and at the same time publicly opposes it; A docu which is meant to amplify her musical achievements and influence on an entire generation, but in the end what is talked about is how she was raped at the age of 15. A bit ironic, you do not think?

The HBO film in question, which aired last night on HOT and yes, was aided by multiple archive footage, rare footage from the 1995 tour, talks with those involved, and of course, an intimate interview with Maurice at her home in July last year – timing defined as a sensitive period After giving birth and closing Corona. Nevertheless, Alanis is still Alanis; The charisma and coolness, the exposure and the distinctions about the world are still there. “Jagged” even includes performing a new song in front of her 4-year-old daughter during the quarantine period. So what the hell is the problem?

After Alanis watched an earlier version she canceled her participation in the premiere and released a statement of dissatisfaction due to an edit that highlighted sexuality in vain and presentation of incorrect facts. In the film, Maurice reveals growing up in a patriarchal industry with a producer who caused her to develop eating disorders, and two cases from the age of 15 that she later defines as “minor and pedophilia” because she was under consent (and now, it is unclear Alanis’ consent to broadcast the confession). the film).

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There is no doubt that creator Alison Kleiman and the protagonist were looking for how to touch on the iconic album “Small and Jagged Pill”, which broke sales records in the nineties, and adapt its story to the present day to reflect through it social changes like MeToo and female power. In practice, it is precisely the scandalous parts that turn out to be more interesting, and they break the stenciled nostalgia clichés.

It is not clear what exactly annoyed Maurice. The film picks her up, showing only positive sides, the interviewees are frantically cheering, and the feeling that remains is that Alanis is really special and quality. Perhaps it bothered her that her success story had been translated into a simplistic and mainstream narrative, forcing her to open up beyond expectation and expand mentally? After all, it was Alanis who wrote, “Sometimes you have 10,000 teaspoons when you need a knife.”

And if you were wondering what Maurice’s actions are today, you should know that she works for a commercial channel on a sitcom inspired by her life. Besides, she judges the reality show “Alter Ego” which is like the singer in the mask but with singers hiding behind avatars. How ironic is that, you do not think?

Alanis Morissette: Jagged, Yes Docu and Hot 8, 10pm


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