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Despite a Russian missile piercing his house, a video of a Ukrainian youth ‘shaving’ an assault near it without even caring about it has been circulating on social media.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 120 days. Although Ukraine has been shattered by a series of Russian attacks, the courage and confidence of its people have not yet been shattered. The Ukrainian people have been fighting in the streets with Russian weapons in their hands. Many young women have taken part in this war. Even children in Ukraine seem to be accustomed to the daily bombardment and death knell.


A video of this kind of proof is currently spreading fast on social websites. That video was taken in Ukraine. A house in that city was pierced by a Russian missile the night before and was standing upright like an emerald in the kitchen of that house. If it was someone else, the first job would have been to vacate the house. But the owner of the house, a respectable 35-year-old man, was ‘shaving’ his beard the next morning as he stood next to the missile.

A piece of a Russian ork rocket flew into the home of a Ukrainian from Damnthatsinteresting

Netizens who have seen this video are leaving to splash comments. In one comment, someone said, “Pro, I’m the one who slept next door because a cockroach came into my house two days ago. Not if the missile came. If I had a dream like a missile coming, I would be empty, Pro.” Another commented, “Russia has made a mistake. The war on Ukraine has eroded respect for Russia and its weapons.”


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