Why did they decide to have commissioners in the Diaspora? Is there an attempt to interfere in the life of the Armenian community?

Why did they decide to have commissioners in the Diaspora?  Is there an attempt to interfere in the life of the Armenian community?

2023-06-02 11:44:37

Chief Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan announced in the National Assembly that in the near future commissioners will be appointed in major centers of the Armenian diaspora.

In a conversation with Aysor.am, the press officer of the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Amalya Karapetyan mentioned that the Law on Public Services was amended in November 2021, according to which commissioners will be appointed in the Diaspora. “It will be a discretionary position, the commissioners will be appointed by the Prime Minister. by the recommendation of the Chief Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs.

The work on this topic has been ongoing for 2 years. Until now, a commissioner has not been appointed for one simple reason, because when the law was passed, there were quite a lot of discussions in the Diaspora that this is some kind of interference in community issues, the opinion of the Armenian community will not be taken into account, etc. During all its visits, the office has done explanatory work during community meetings, that this is not intended to interfere in community affairs on the part of RA or the government. This simply aims to deepen the connection between the office and the larger communities in question.”

Karapetyan added that the appointments of the commissioners, the consideration of candidates should be discussed by different community circles and there should be a certain consensus regarding the given candidates. The press officer of the office stressed that the candidates should be active, able to perform this work on a discretionary basis, on voluntary basis.

Since the office of the Chief Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs is located in Yerevan and does not have a large enough staff to work with the 7 million diaspora, there was a proposal from the communities to have people on the spot who would be representatives of the office and the link between the RA government and the diaspora. Thus, the work of these people is in no way opposed to the work of community organizations and leaders.

On the contrary, we want to be as accessible as possible to the communities and they have the contact person who will always be available, regardless of the time, geographical, language difference. The decision was not an end in itself, that’s why various candidates are still being considered, and a dialogue is being held with the communities so that the communities can fully understand the role and significance of these people.”

When asked if there were any communities that were against this decision, Karapetyan answered: “There were communities that were concerned because they did not fully understand the information or there was no explanatory work on our part.” After the visits and dialogues of the Chief Commissioner, those concerns disappeared.”

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