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If you suffer from cold sore sores, you are actually too late to stop the virus. Applying antiviral cream or other remedies can only limit the damage to the skin.

Professor of clinical virology Louis Kroes explains in de Volkskrant what a cold sore is exactly: “It is a virus that has the unpleasant property of withdrawing into a nerve knot that the immune system cannot reach. There it waits for its chance to surface. The risk of an outbreak is greatest if the host or hostess becomes ill, is stressed, for example for an exam, or has been in the sun for a long time. With a bit of luck, the virus then travels to the end of the nerve in the skin and comes out there in the form of a sore.”

When you notice the cold sore, it is actually too late to intervene, says Kroes. “The virus no longer slows you down. In fact, everything you put on it is mustard after a meal. At most, you may be able to limit the damage to the skin somewhat with soothing creams or ointments that dry out the blisters.”

The same conclusions follow from existing studies on the effectiveness of remedies against the herpes simplex virus type 1, which causes the cold sore sores. Antiviral creams like Zovirax and Aciclovir come too late once the blisters have already erupted. The dietary supplement lysine also does not work. “Lysine is found in all proteins. I can’t imagine that you get too little of that in the Netherlands,” says Kroes.

Once you have been infected with the herpes virus, you will never get rid of it. The majority of the population carries the virus without ever being bothered by it. People who are unlucky enough to sometimes get cold sores often contract them under the influence of fever, excessive sunlight, menstruation and stress.

The virus is contained in the moisture of the lip blisters and is highly contagious. Be careful not to infect others, but also be careful not to rub the virus in your eyes or transfer it to other parts of your body.

On a positive note in conclusion: The older you get, the weaker the herpes virus. The outbreaks become less and less frequent over the years and are less severe.

Bron (nen): De Volkskrant

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