Why does hair fall more in autumn? The only product that works according to a pharmaceutical company and is not a natural remedy

Why does hair fall more in autumn?  The only product that works according to a pharmaceutical company and is not a natural remedy

2023-09-26 16:00:00

Autumn is coming to Spain, which will end on December 22, giving way to the cold winter. There are many people who see how with the season of falling leaves from the trees, they also see dozens of hairs tangled in their combs every day. There is nothing to worry about, since hair loss at this time is a normal process called ‘telogen effluvium’, according to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

In short, hair does not fall out, but is renewed. The truth is that it is part of our heritage as mammals that we once were, and specialists insist that it is a normal process of hair renewal, which is reborn after a few months without the need to resort to vitamins or anti-hair loss lotions. However, a clarification is worth making, and that is that climate change has an influence, and this natural fall is occurring earlier than the months of August and September.

In any case, there are times of the year when renewal accelerates and the number that, in principle, is considered normal, increases, which coincides with the season in which hair dies, which is usually in spring. The process lasts several weeks and, once the hairs come off, the root ‘wakes up’ and begins to produce new hairs. “Although we notice hair loss in September or October, the hair has been falling since June, which is when it stopped feeding,” explains the doctor at Pharmacy Boticaria García.

How to avoid hair loss in autumn

Marian García, better known on social networks as Boticaria Garcia, clarifies that anti-hair loss shampoos are useless. This is what this health professional has made known on the television program ‘And now Sonsoles’ on Antena 3. However, there is a product that works and that can be useful if there is massive hair loss: “Minoxidil “It does work because it is designed to go through the layers and reach the scalp. Of course, for it to work you have to apply it constantly.”

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To understand why it works, the also graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics clarifies that “the spray format serves to widen the capillaries and the hair obtains more nutrients.” In this sense, it should be noted that Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication that is used as a treatment for hair loss, and not as a cure, in liquid form intended for direct application to the scalp.

Useful tips to stop hair loss at this time

First of all, we must maintain correct hair hygiene so that our hair is well oxygenated. One of the most widespread myths is that washing it too frequently causes it to fall off more easily. However, “washing your hair often is not related to baldness, but to hygiene,” explains Dr. Grimalt. On the other hand, eating a balanced and healthy diet is key to hair health. And, as incredible as it may seem, hair is also a reflection of our diet and the lack of nutrients can weaken the hair fiber and promote hair loss.

The consumption of vitamins, especially group B, can help improve the appearance of our hair by having powerful antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is advisable to eat foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, vegetables such as carrots and fruits such as kiwi. From the Dermatological Medical Institute (IMD) recommend avoiding the use of dryers or straightening irons because they “wear down the hair with each use” causing it to dry, break and split the ends.

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