Why is love and lust not applicable to women; Swasika with reply

Actress Swasika Vijay responds to someone who commented badly on the poster teaser of the movie Chaturam. Chaturam is a movie directed by Siddharth Bharathan. The poster teaser of the scene between actor Roshan Mathew and Swasika has angered many. Swasika had shared these scenes on social media.

The comment was that the movie was intended to show only men and Swasika did not expect this. Some people criticized that it was a piece of film and that it was not suitable for Kerala culture. Swasika’s reply continued.

‘So love and lust do not apply to women? All the pleasures and feelings are the right of women just like men, and if the sister lives without realizing it, then only pity. Adults Only means adults, not just adult males. Female audience can also come and watch the movie safely in theatres. It’s not like the old times, it’s a time of sex education, please start embracing the changes.

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