Why Karunanidhi movie in Amma restaurant?

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R.P. Udayakumar

Former minister RP Udayakumar has said that it is a futile attempt to divert the project by putting the picture of Ayya in Amma restaurant.

RP Udayakumar has condemned the filming of Karunanidhi at Amma Restaurant in Madurai.

Controversy has erupted over the placing of a picture of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi at Amma Restaurant in the Sundararajapuram area of ​​Madurai. A photo of former chief ministers Jayalalithaa and artist Karunanidhi on the name plate of Amma Restaurant has gone viral on the internet. The Commissioner of Madurai Corporation has explained that they do not know anything about this. Former AIADMK Minister RP Udayakumar has written a letter to the District Collector regarding this matter.

The letter said, “Jayalalithaa started Amma Restaurant in Chennai in 2013 to provide affordable food to the poor. This was followed by the launch of 700 Amma restaurants across Tamil Nadu. More than 12 lakh people are starving every day and benefiting from this.

Trying to cover and remove Jayalalithaa’s face in a vain attempt to divert the project by placing a photo of the artist next to Jayalalithaa’s photo at Amma Restaurant. Give the government’s initiative in placing Ayya’s image in providing food to the poor and simple people. ”

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