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You have a first date, finally!

After much back and forth, the FDP and Union have agreed the date for the first meeting: Sunday evening. Actually, the Liberals would have liked to speak on Saturday – but an important co-speaker is prevented.

CSU boss Markus Söder (54) canceled early talks. According to “Die Welt”, he was invited on Friday for the birthday of CSU veteran Edmund Stoiber (Armin Laschet is also invited) and had to take part in the long-planned basic conferences on Saturday.

Photo: Meike Wirsel

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FDP boss Christian Lindner and Armin Laschet are good at each other – both here when the coalition agreement for North Rhine-Westphalia was signed in 2017Photo: Meike Wirsel

CDU boss and candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet (60) would have liked to talk to the FDP on Saturday – before the meeting of the liberals with the SPD.

This date has been fixed for a long time: FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing (51) said that they would speak to the SPD on Sunday – a few hours earlier than the Union.

Who is negotiating on the Union side?

As BILD learned from Union circles, the party and parliamentary group leaders and general secretaries will take part in the Sunday round. For the CSU, the deputy CSU boss Dorothee Bär (43) and the parliamentary manager of the CSU regional group, Stefan Müller (46), will also take part.

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Meanwhile, CDU Deputy Chief and Health Minister Jens Spahn (41) campaigned for a Jamaica coalition and quick explorations. Spahn on Deutschlandfunk: “I am firmly convinced that a bourgeois, ecological, liberal government would be better for our country than a traffic light, also when it comes to which issues it can bring together.”

The FDP and the Greens were already getting closer

The “Chancellor Makers” of the FDP and the Greens want to deepen their talks on Friday, this time in a larger group.

On Tuesday, the Greens’ dual leadership Annalena Baerbock (40) and Robert Habeck (52) spoke to FDP leader Christian Lindner (42) and Wissing over dinner. On the following day, however, all those involved remained silent about the content.

Wissing merely stated that the programs of both parties differed widely on many points. But you have the task of the voters to talk to each other whether you can come together in a coalition, said Wissing. This presupposes that you get to know each other better and create a basis of trust.

The FDP general pointed out that many first-time and young voters voted for the two parties and therefore had expectations. “We want to do justice to this in a serious and competent way.”


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