Why the postman may no longer come down your street every day

Why the postman may no longer come down your street every day

La Poste is experimenting with a new distribution system this year, which could be implemented in 2024.

Changes follow one another at La Poste, one leading to the other. Since January 1, the red stamp at D+1 no longer exists as such, and letters with green stamp are delivered at D+3 instead of D+2. This extension of the deadlines should also modify the round of the postmen.

Today, the postman makes the same route every day, in the same order, in his sector. For example, it systematically starts with rue Alexandre Dumas, to end with boulevard de la République, passing by rue Haussmann or rue Bizet.

But La Poste is considering another system, which it will test this year from March in certain places. The postman’s sector will be divided into two zones: a dense zone where there are priority customers receiving or sending letters every day and a non-dense zone, where customers do not exchange letters every day. The postman will pass through the dense zone daily; on the other hand, he will only pass through the streets of the non-dense zone when he has letters (or parcels, printed matter, newspapers, meals) to distribute.

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Optimized route

The postman’s route will therefore change every day, depending on the deliveries to be made. It will be calculated and optimized. The French will no longer see the postman’s bicycle or van passing daily in front of their homes: they will see them the day they receive mail or a delivery. “The idea is that the quality of service is even improved, with delivery on D-day in 95% of cases”specifies Sylvie Figuière, federal secretary in charge of mail, at the CFDT.

The lengthening of delivery times for letters (end of D+1, majority of letters on D+3), and the reduction in letter volumes make this new organization possible. The two go hand in hand… and allow savings, estimated at 120 million euros per year. All while respecting the legal obligation of 6 days out of 7.

The experimentation will take place in 2023, for a possible deployment in 2024.In the 68 places of experimentation, we are not only testing this system, but deliveries by cargo bikes, other schedules“, we say to La Poste. Where we add that each postman will always have his assigned round. “In the second half of 2023, we are going to have negotiations on the postman profession and the new organizationspecifies Sylvie Figuière, of the CFDT. We will be attentive to human resources.”


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