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Acharappakkam police inspector Amalraj has been caught by the special police for hiding 3 kg 700 grams of jewelery in the stolen jewelery from Arumbakkam bank. This news collection narrates the background of Sakalaipaddy being hunted for a police job due to inappropriate company…

Murugan and his schoolmates Balaji, Santhosh and Surya, who worked there, were arrested in connection with the robbery incident at Pet Bank, the jewelery loan division of the Federal Bank of Chennai.

Initially, the bank was robbed of 20 crore rupees of jewellery, and later when the robbers were caught, 32 kg were said by the police, but the bank management said that another 3 kg and 700 grams of jewelery were missing.

While the police announced that they had confiscated the jewelery stolen from the bank with the same bag, to find out where more than 3 kg of jewelery was stashed, the arrested robber Santhosh ran away and the police interrogated Santosh on the basis of who was talking to whom on the cell phone.

Santosh spoke to his wife’s sister Indira and told her that she had hidden the jewels in the house of Amalraj, her husband and co-worker.

Subsequently, police inspector Amalraj and his wife Indira were brought into the ring of investigation by the special police and confiscated the stolen bank jewelery weighing 3 kg and 700 grams which was stored in their house.

It has been reported that the police, who interrogated the police inspector and his wife Indira, have recommended departmental action against Amalraj.

It is worth noting that in the dream of the robber Santosh, who thought that after being arrested and going to jail, he could separate all the jewels and live happily, the collapse happened..!


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