Why was Sarit Hadad’s doll removed from the wax museum?

Hadi Ein noticed that during the publication stage Hadad’s name did not appear, now it has been revealed that it was no accident. According to industry sources, Hadad did not like the statue in her image, so it was sent for repairs and adjustments – so that the final result will be revealed to the general public only in the future, in the hope that it will be closer to the singer’s real appearance.

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In fact, the works on the Israeli wax museum began about three years ago, and the stars that will appear there were photographed with special cameras in order to have a maximum similarity between them and the sculptures themselves. Over the years, a production team from Israel and abroad worked on the development, and the dolls were produced overseas. But not only the design of the characters was criticized, but also the ticket prices. According to the publications, to enter the new museum you will have to part with 150 shekels per person.


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