Why will your payment be late in February and March?

Why will your payment be late in February and March?

RSA. CAF will pay the active solidarity income with a little delay for the months of February and March 2023. Don’t panic, it’s completely normal. Explanations.

[Mis à jour le 2 février 2023 à 11h56] The active solidarity income (RSA) will be paid with a little delay for the months of february et mars 2023. Usually, the payment takes place on 5 of every month. Unfortunately, this year, the 5 falls on a Sunday for both months. The family allowance fund (CAF) will therefore pay the benefits on monday 6 februaryand the Monday, March 6 next. To ensure that your aid is received correctly, we advise you to visit the CAF website or application in the coming days. In your personal space, it will be mentioned, or not, if the payment has been made.

As a reminder, the RSA represents a minimum income for people who do not work. It is a social and professional support system to facilitate access to employment or consolidate certain professional capacities when one does not draw, or few resources from his activity. This RSA is based on a simple system of rights and duties. The right to a minimum income or to an income supplement first. Then, the duty to look for a job, or to self-undertake actions in favor of his reintegration. The RSA is open, under certain conditions, to people aged at least 25 and to young workers aged 18 to 24 if they are single parents or have a certain period of professional activity. You do not have to declare the active solidarity income, it is not taxable.

As part of the purchasing power law passed this summer by deputies and senators, social minima have been increased by 4%, including the RSA. On September 5, the first payment including this increase in the amount was made to the bank account of the beneficiaries. Recipients were able to see an increase in the allowance of 23 euros net for a single person. Indeed, the active solidarity income has gone from 575.52 euros to 598,55 euros. For a single person with two children, the net gain is 40 euros additional. The declaration of income for the RSA being quarterly, all the beneficiaries have not yet seen the color of this revaluation. Did you file your tax return in June, July or August? So, you receive your RSA embellished from 4% increase ce Wednesday, October 5, 2022. Still a little patience, everyone will soon be served.

In fact, the family allowance fund (CAF) takes into account the resources of your household as well as a lump sum which varies according to the composition of your household and the number of dependent children. You live alone ? In this case, the fixed amount of the RSA reached 575.52 euros at the start of the year and has been revalued following inflation with an amount of 598.55 since July 1, 2022 (1st payment from September 5, 2022 with retroactive effect from July 1). Are you currently in a couple or a single-parent family? Here are the fixed amounts of the RSA – the one that will therefore serve as the basis for calculating family allowances, it is not the final amount – since July 1:

RSA and single-parent family, the amounts

Number of children/dependents single person single parent
pregnant woman isolated 725,97
1 848,02 967,96
2 1 017,63 € 1 209,95 €
Per additional child or dependent 226,13 241,99

RSA and torque, the amounts

Number of children/dependents Rising
0 848,02 €
1 1 017,63 €
2 1 187,23 €
Per additional child or dependent 226,13 €

Regarding the income taken into account by the CAF, it studies the resources collected in the last three months and then establish an average. What resources are taken into account? Bear in mind that unemployment benefits, social security daily allowances, housing allowances and family benefits are taken into account in particular. The family allowance fund has thus established a housing package according to the number of people in your household:

  • If you are alone it reaches 67.84 €
  • If you are two, it is €135.68
  • From three people making up the household, it rises to €167.91.

Inevitably, this housing package reduces the amount of the social benefit.

To obtain these social benefits, you have three options: at your request by Internet on the CAF website, fill out a form with your family allowance fund or the CCAS for example, or send the form by post to your checkout. Cerfa form number 15481 is available here. Are you wondering about the documents to provide? Here is the list :

  • A bank account number
  • A declaration of pregnancy if you are expecting a child
  • Photocopy of your identity card or passport as well as your residence permit if you are not of French nationality

Find all the documents to be provided on page seven of the Cerfa form.

The Family Allowance Fund has made a simulator available to users on its website, at the following address: http://www.caf.fr/allocataires/mes-services-en-ligne/faire-une-simulation. If you are already receiving a CAF family benefit, you are invited to connect to your personal space using your beneficiary number. If not, you have the option of using a simulator. Keep in mind that you will need to have several pieces of information beforehand (number of people in the household, resources for the last 3 months, etc.).

It’s necessary reside in France in a stable, effective manner and be old at least 25 years old. Pupils, students and unpaid trainees are not eligible for the RSA. Single parents are an exception. The RSA also cannot concern people on parental leave, unpaid leave or sabbatical leave. You are not of French nationality? In this case, you must meet a number of residence conditions.

If you are European, you must hold a right of residence in France and have been living for at least three months when you apply or have a declared job in France and be either unemployed, on sick leave, or in training professional. If you are not European, you must have a residence permit allowing you to work in France for at least five years, or hold a residence permit or have refugee status or be recognized as stateless.

As a reminder, the payment of the active solidarity income could radically change its face at the start 2024. Indeed, the government plans to condition its payment to a minimum of activity on the part of the beneficiaries. In other words, to benefit from it, one would have to work 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. per week. The executive’s objective is to promote reintegration and ultimately achieve full employment (Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise). For now, a phase de test will start in 10 departments. The Bouches-du-Rhône, the Somme, the Essonne, the Creuse or the Vaucluse are among the territories concerned. Salaries resulting from the activity practiced by the beneficiaries of the RSA may be combined with the RSA during 9 months. On the program, workshops for creating CVs, training, in companies or in a community. In each department selected for this test, RSA recipients will be monitored by referents using common software. Regarding the hourly volume, it may vary from one department to another, in the same way as the level of sanction in the event of absence. The Government also ensures that the situation of beneficiaries could be studied on a case-by-case basis. In other words, a single mother with three dependent children, for example, could benefit from different treatment than a young person looking for a job.

Who is concerned by the young RSA?

Young people under the age of 25 cannot receive the active solidarity income. However, there is an RSA system reserved for young workers, the young RSA. A young person aged 18 to 25 who can prove a certain length of professional activity (salaried activity or not, hour of activity accomplished during a period of unemployment, activity accomplished within the framework of a voluntary contract in the army) can perceive it. As for the classic RSA, you must reside in France in a stable and effective way. Please note that periods of compensated unemployment and internships are not considered in the eyes of the CAF as periods of activity.

The calculation formula is identical to that of the so-called classic active solidarity income. The request for RSA young worker cannot be made online on the CAF website. You must do this either directly with your CAF on site, or by post. As a young worker, you must send two forms: form n°15481 (or n°15482 if you are self-employed) and cerfa n°14130.


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